Used Transmissions of Auto Parts

Since transmissions are mostly designed for production vehicles, transmission repairs can be expensive and hard to find. There are several types of used transmission parts available, including complete used systems, rebuilt units, and remanufactured units.

Ways to locate the used transmission

To identify a good-used transmission, you must find one that is not damaged or worn severely. It’s important to consider how many miles the previous car had, what kind of trouble it had, and what type of car or transmission you need. Since failures over the short term are very rare, reliability is a major consideration.

A new transmission can cost as much as an engine, so you might want to replace yours instead of buying a new car. In addition to cost savings, rebuilding often takes just a few days to complete.

What are Rebuilt and Remanufactured Transmissions?

A rebuilt transmission is taken from a vehicle and disassembled, cleaned, and inspected. Wear and tear are replaced with new parts. A new seal, gasket, band, and clutch are also installed. Rebuilt transmissions for sale are generally less expensive than remanufactured transmissions, and all broken/worn parts are replaced.

A remanufactured system may also be obtained as an alternative. As opposed to a repair shop, a “reman” is overhauled in a factory by experienced technicians. Disassembly and inspection are handled by one group of individuals, while cleaning and restoration are handled by another. The manufacturer replaces any parts that do not meet specifications and install new ones that do.

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