Used Hyundai Engines For Sale

Hyundai Motor company is also known as Hyundai is a south Korean car brand. The
headquarter of this company is located in Seoul, South Korea. It was the year 1967 when
Hyundai Motor Company was founded. 33.88% of Kia corporation belongs to Hyundai. Hyundai
basically consists on Genesis Motor and electric vehicle and Lonig. This company is considered
to be the largest integrated automobile producers in South Korea. This brand sells their
products in 193 countries of the world. When it comes on the engine, Hyundai manufactures a
large number of highest qualities, reliable engines. If you are using Hyundai brand and you feel
that you need to replace the engine of your vehicle. Choose used Hyundai engine. Replacing
your engine with used Hyundai engine has a number of benefits. Used Hyundai engines with
low mileage are the best because they already are tested and inspected. It also saves a lot of
your money.

Used Hyundai engines for sale
Used Hyundai engines

From where to buy used Hyundai engine?

Finding the right used Hyundai engine is real challenge. We Jiffy auto parts are here to assist
and guide you. Our professional team (consists on specialists and analysts) takes care of all your
requirements and will guide you as far as all the available options of used Hyundai engine are
concerned. But before purchasing a used Hyundai engine, you need to pay attention on
smallest details, technical specifications and other elements. Usually, people overlook a
number of necessary factors and take them as trivial. Be a wise buyer and check all the features
of the engine you are going to purchase thoroughly. You should check following things properly:

• Check the color of the smoke
• Focus on the start time of the engine
• Look for any oil leaks
• Inspect the blowby tube
• Listen the noises coming from the engine attentively
• Keep an eye on turbo for shaft play

Due diligence:

You need to have the VIN number, engine code as well as the production date. Try to buy the
engine that fits in your car without replacing too many parts of it. You must ask the history of
the engine from your dealer and make sure you are not buying an engine which had damaged
due to huge accident. Also, check the engine compression and oil pressure before purchasing it.

It is always the best way to take advice from an expert ad get any professional mechanic to
have a look on the engine you are going to buy. The goal of jiffy auto parts is to assist you on
each and every step right from finding to purchasing the perfect kind of used engine which you
are looking for your Hyundai. We only need the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your
automobile and the name of part that you need. Once we are given the required information,
our advisers will get in touch with you in no time with details of all the available options and
price catalogue.

Few of the popular Used Hyundai engines:

Engine is considered the heart of every vehicle. Engine is responsible for the health of your
vehicle. The performance of your mean of transport totally depends on the engine you are
using. Hyundai is one of the renowned brands of automobile which manufacture exceptionally
powerful engines. Few of the most impressive used Hyundai engines options are given below:

Straight three engines:

Straight three engines are also known as inline triple and inline three engine. It is equipped with
three-cylinder piston. Cylinders are placed in a row with a crankshaft. Hyundai has used these
engines in a number of vehicles. Crankshaft angle of 120 degree is normally used in these
engines because outcome of it is evenly spaced firing intervals and perfect balance.

V6 engine:

This V6 is also a six-cylinder piston engine. All three cylinders have common crankshaft and they
are arranged in a V configuration. These engines were manufactured after world war II. The
layout of V6 is so common as far as six-cylinder automotive engines are concerned. Very first V6
were manufactured by Marmon Motor Car company, Deutz Gasmotoren Farik and Delahaye.

V8 engine:

This V8 is also a six-cylinder piston engine. All three cylinders have common crankshaft and they
are arranged in a V configuration. A French company Antoinette manufactured first V8 engine
back in 1904. First V8 was produced to be used in aircraft but it is Cadillac L head engine which
is known as the first automotive V8 engine.

Straight six engines:

Straight three engines are also known as inline six engine. Sometimes this engine is also
referred as slant six. It is an internal combustion engine with six cylinders which are placed in a
straight line and a common crankshaft is drove by all the pistons. The layout of straight six
engine is considered to be smallest equipped with both primary as well as secondary
mechanical engine balance.

Used Hyundai engines FAQs

If you purchase a new Hyundai engine, it will cost you somewhere between $3,000 to $4,000.
As far as used Hyundai engine is concerned, you can buy it between $400 to $15,000. But first you should asses if replacing the engine is really worth it.
A used Hyundai engine is less expensive as compared to new one. Both rebuilding and repairing are normally cheaper than purchasing a new one.
The Kappa 1.2 series is the most reliable as far as Hyundai engines are concerned.
Go through our website to look and buy used Hyundai engine. Make sure you know details of the engine you are looking for.
It takes between 8 to 15 hours to replace a Hyundai engine. But when it comes on repairing of your Hyundai engine, it takes more time.
It depends on the dealer you are buying from. Generally, dealer’s sell used Hyundai engines with warranty .

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Used Hyundai engines with
low mileage are the best because they already are tested and inspected. It also saves a lot of
your money.

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