Used Heavy Duty Truck Engines For Sale

Trucks have their own classification. They are known as light duty, medium duty and heavy duty
and this classification mainly depends on the weight of the truck. In the year 1890, first gasoline
engine trucks were introduced in USA. Number of truck manufacturers started growing right
after first world war. Just like any other vehicle, engine has considered the most important part
of any truck right from the beginning. Used Heavy Duty Truck Engines are normally used in heavy duty
trucks. If you feel that you need to replace your current engine, you should consider buying
used heavy-duty truck engine. Because buying a used heavy-duty truck engine is always
advised. Used engines are already tested and inspected and they can save you a lot of money.
Purchasing a new engine for your heavy-duty truck can cost you a lot. Also, it will save you from
the struggle that a driver who buys a new engine experiences.

Used Heavy Duty Truck Engines For Sale
Used Heavy Duty Truck Engines

Purchasing used heavy-duty truck engine:

If you are looking for a used heavy-duty truck engine to replace your current one, stop
searching like everyone else. Pros do not search through tons of salvage yards. Even if you
contact your experienced and professional mechanic, it still will take few days to find the used
heavy-duty truck engine you are looking for. You can simply use jiffy auto parts to find the used
heavy-duty truck engine of your choice and need. You do not need to visit any junkyard. Simply,
go through our inventory, fill out a quote and access will be granted to you to check the pricing
as well as mileage for the used heavy-duty truck engine you want to purchase. Simply give us
the details( VIN and model) of the engine you need.

Pro tips to buy heavy duty truck engines:

Start and run:

When you purchase a used heavy-duty truck engine, make sure to buy with no current problem.
All wire should be on the places where they should be. Engine should not take more then few
seconds to get started.

Check blowby tube:

Both misfiring and rough idling are sign that this engine has some issues that can’t be ignored.
White smoke from oil fill tube and opening on valve cover are the indications of the problem that
engine might have. To confirm the problem, set the oil fill cap on the opening upside down.

Listen for noises:

Start the engine and listen carefully. If you hear extra noise from the engine, do not buy. Such
engine may cost you a lot just on repairing.

Look for oil runs:

Touch the engine physically and make sure you do not see any signs of diesel running on it. If you
see traces of oil on it, avoid buying such used heavy-duty truck engine.

Check turbo for shaft play:

Put your hand in turbo and try to move your finger in and out, up and down and check if it moves.
If you feel your finger has much movement, do not purchase that used heavy duty truck engine
because the engine has issues.

Few of the most popular heavy-duty truck engines:

A number of heavy-duty engines are available to choose from to help you in construction,
managing your farm and taking equipment from one place to another. Few of the most popular
heavy-duty engines are given below:

Cummins 3.9L(4BT) engine:

This engine is one of the most favorite engines of truck drivers since 1983 when it was
introduced to the world. This engine can be used in deliver trucks and wood chippers. Drivers
can get them in extremely affordable price. This is actually 4-cylinder diesel engine which has
105 horsepower as well as 265 pounds of torque. You need to pay attention when buying a
used engine to the year when that engine was manufactured because all engines which were
produced after 1998 has 170 horsepower and 420 pounds of torque.

Cummins ISB 6.7 engine:

ISB stands for interact system B in Cummins ISB. This engine was introduced back in 2007. In
recent years, this engine has become absolutely essential for heavy duty trucks. It has 360
horsepower and 700 pounds of torque which makes this engine just perfect diesel design for
medium jobs.

L10 Cummins engine:

This engine is especially famous for tandem commercial trucks as well as for dump trucks.
Although they can’t be considered to the best for hills. These engines have 260-330 horsepower
along with 2,300 rpms and can be compared with 400 horsepower trucks.

Cummins M11 engine:

If you are looking for something stronger than 8.3 L C series then Cummins M11 engine is just
perfect for you. I have 10.8 Liter displacement along with 280-330 horsepower. A number of
truck drivers who used this engine has conformed that they have covered around 800,00 miles
without having any trouble with their engines.

Used Heavy Duty Truck Engine FAQs

It depends on the year and model you are buying engine for. But normally it costs somewhere between $400 to $700.
Four stroke diesel engines along with turbocharger as well as intercooler are used in heavy duty trucks. But big off highway trucks have locomotive kind of engines.
Experts considered PACCAR engines to be the best and most reliable engine for heavy duty trucks.
It depends on the dealer you are buying from. Generally, dealer’s sale used heavy duty truck engines with warranty.
Go through our website to look and buy used heavy duty truck engine. Make sure you know details of the engine you are looking for.
It totally depends on the model and year of the engine you are going to purchase.
It takes between 8 to 15 hours to replace a heavy-duty truck engine. But when it comes on repairing of your heavy-duty truck engine, it takes more time.

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