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Used Ford Engines For Sale

Ford motor company is considered to be one of the most organized and well-maintained
automobile companies not only in the United States but the whole world. Ford is undoubtedly the most
favorite car brand across the globe. The top-selling car in the united states spanning the last five
decades has been Ford. Ford is one of the most productive vehicle manufacturers in the whole
world. A number of its models are consistently ranked as most popular in the united states. The
reason behind this popularity is nothing but the exceptionally powerful engines that Ford produced.
There comes a time when the engine of your Ford runs it course, you find yourself in a fix either
to buy a new vehicle or purchase a used Ford engine. Purchasing used Ford engines is most

You are in profit if you purchase  used Ford engines because it will not only save the environment but it also will not take a big chunk from your pocket. But you should stay alert when buying a used Ford engine. It would be better if you let your professional mechanic to
have a look at the used Ford engine with low mileage that you are purchasing. Make sure you
have done your research part before actually buying it. You must know the specifications of the
required engine to buy the right one that fits in your car. Check the engine thoroughly for any
physical damage and leakage. Check the quality of the oil and if the oil is not creamy white then
buy the engine.

Used Ford Engines For Sale
Used Ford Engines For Sale

Finding used Ford engine:

We have top quality both old and new models for our clients. We have a team of professionals
who always adopts the best methods to assist you. We thoroughly inspect and check our
used Buick engines before it gets into the hands of our customers. You can rely on our
inventory because we use standard VIN testing methods here. Before delivering anything, we
make sure a number of quality assessments are done by our professionals.

Our goal is to provide you with help on each and every step righting from finding to purchasing the
perfect kind of used engine which you are looking for your Ford. We only need the Vehicle
Identification Number (VIN) of your automobile and the name of the part that you need.
Once we are given the required information, our advisers will get in touch with you in no time
with details of all the available options and price catalog.

History of Ford:

Henry Ford is the founder of Henry Ford company. The company was established back in 1910.
But Ford left with the rights to his name in 1902 and the company was named Cadillac Motor
Company. Again, Henry Ford launched the company in a converted factory back in 1903. It had
a net worth of $28,000 at that time. It was the year 1908 when the most successful Model T was
introduced to the world. Ford established a brand new mass production strategy to manufacture
this car because of the high demand. The company started opening international branches and the first
one was opened in France back in 1908. Ford Motor Company experienced many ups and
downs. But it is still one of the leading automobile companies in the world.

Few of the most popular Ford engines:

Used Ford Engines For Sale
Used Ford Engines For Sale

Flathead V8 engine:

This exceptionally powerful engine was introduced back in 1932. It is considered to be the most
popular engine Ford ever manufactured. This was the engine that took the industry of engine
manufacturing on to a higher level. The power of the flathead V8 was 65 hp. 65 hp was enough and
people used to get it in only luxurious cars at that time.

289 V8 small bock engine:

This amazingly strong engine was manufactured back in 1963. This engine was produced
specifically for entry-level vehicles. This engine was lightweight as well as had small dimensions
as compared to other engines of that era. From Galaxie 500 to Falcon, this engine was available
for every model of Ford. But when Mustang was launched in 1964, this engine made perfect
pair with it.

428 Cobra jet engines:

Mid 1968was the time when Ford introduced its legendary Cobra jet engine. It was specially
produced for muscle cars. When every other brand of the automobile was trying to lead the
industry by producing strong engines, Ford came up with the cobra jet engine. This engine
produced a power of up to 450 hp which made Ford win the title of champion in the automobile

Boss 429 engine:

There is no better engine for muscle cars Ford ever manufactured than boss 429. This engine
was introduced back in 1969. It was made to be used in NASCAR. The shape of this engine was
different as compared to other big-block engines manufactured by Ford. Ford rated it at 375 hp
but it was able to deliver the power of up to 500 hp. Only 1300 units of this engine were
manufactured which made it the most desirable engine even today.

Used Ford Engines FAQs

Average cost is between $4000 to $800. But it normally depends on the model and year of your vehicle.
You can buy a used Ford engine somewhere between $400 to $15,000. It would be wiser if you assess if it is really worth replacing the engine of your vehicle or not.
6.7-liter power stroke turbodiesel V8 is most reliable engine that Ford ever manufactured.
Mileage does not get reset when we replace engine.
Odometer is basically a record of every component of a vehicle.
A used Ford engine is less expensive as compared to new one. Rebuilding is also less expensive than to buy a new one. But it depends on the condition of your vehicle. Sometime it is not a good idea to replace the engine.

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Audi is one of the brands which has incredible line of products. Audi has always been famous
for manufacturing high performing vehicles and classy interiors.

Buy used Audi engines from Jiffy Auto Parts. High quality remanufactured, used Audi engines for all models, high mileage engines at lowest price.

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Honda’s engines are among the most robust and long-lasting of any carmaker in the world. If properly serviced and maintained, they may easily last 200 thousand miles or more.


The great thing about used Chevrolet engines is that they all are tested and inspected thoroughly before they are removed from the vehicles.

Used Chrysler Engine

Chrysler used engines are popular because of their sheer horse power, strength and longevity.
The idea behind this presentation of design in vehicles is to provide effective complement of
design and efficiency.

Every Chrysler engine is manufactured by Chrysler itself. It has become Fiat Chrysler Automobiles after its merger with Fiat.

Used Cadillac engines

L05(or L03 305 v8 in 91-92 Broughams) are considered to be the most reliable engine of Cadillac.

Cadillac engine usually lasts over 150,000 miles if you take proper care of it and maintain it well.

Used Buick Engine

Used Buick engines are normally tested as well as inspected right before being removed from the other vehicle. Dealers test the compression of the engines and they also thoroughly inspect any kind of damage and leaks. So, yes, Used Buick engines are reliable.

Used Acura Engines

One of the most esteemed nameplates in the whole automotive world is Acura. Acura is
famous for manufacturing premium vehicles. Each and every Acura engine has delivered a
highest level of satisfaction as well as of performance.

Used BMW Engines

If you are going to buy used BMW engine then you are almost guaranteed to have a reliable engine. If you keep maintaining your used BMW engine, you can increase the life of it.

Used Ford Engines

You are in profit if you purchasing a used Ford engine because it will not only save the
environment but it also will not take a big chunk from your pocket. But you should stay alert
when buying a used Ford engine.

Used Hyundai engines

Used Hyundai engines with
low mileage are the best because they already are tested and inspected. It also saves a lot of
your money.

Used GMC engines

Buying used GMC engine has become
the first choice specially in recent years. Important thing is that purchasing a used GMC engines
wont cost you as much as a new engine will. Used engines are already tested on roads.

Used Kia Engines

If you try
finding Used Kia engine through jiffy auto parts, it will take just few moments to locate the
engine. We are here to help and guide you on every single step of the procedure of purchasing
your required Used Kia engine.

Used Land Rover engines

One of the obvious advantages is that used Land Rover engines are inexpensive as compared to
new ones. Just purchase a bare engine and you can use all the ancillaries of your old engine. It
can also save you alt of money because brand new engines are so expensive. Used Land Rover
are best option specifically for the people who want to purchase quality engine at
affordable price.

Used Jaguar Engines

Finding used Jaguar engine is not difficult but finding the right one for your vehicle is
undoubtedly time taking and needs expertise. If you feel like changing the engine of your
vehicle, simply contact Jiffy auto parts.

Used Nissan Engines

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