Isuzu Trooper is manufactured by Japan’s Isuzu which is a mid-size SUV and this car was also sold in the local market with the name Isuzu Bighorn but as far as the international, market is concerned It has multiple nameplates like Acura SLX, Chevrolet Trooper, Subaru Bighorn, SsangYong Korando Family, Honda Horizon, Opel Monterey, Vauxhall Monterey, Holden Jackaroo and Holden Monterrey. Acura SLX engines of both generations are considered to be the finest ones and SLX engines really played a key role in the sale of this vehicle. But it is very unfortunate that Honda announced its discontinuation in 2006 because it was kind of basic and underpower on as well as the off-road car. The first generation of this vehicle had both luxury and amenities, equipped with optional air conditioning, a V6 engine along power windows. But the second generation was much more refined and was available in both two and four-wheel drive. 

Used Acura SLX engines For Sale
Used Acura SLX engines For Sale

First-generation Used Acura SLX engines:

The first generation of this car was available as a three-door wagon equipped with a soft top and independent front suspension but manufacturers introduced a five-door version very soon. This model with soft top sold very slowly and could not make its way for the future as far as the automobile market was concerned. Japan was selling it with the name Isuzu Bighorn but soon the name was dropped. Overall, this vehicle could not reach the targets which were set for it.

Second generation Used Acura SLX engines :

This car was completely redesigned back in 1991 so that it may keep its pace with the market. Manufacturers made it more powerful, large, and even way too much luxurious. A SOHC 3.2-liter engine producing 193 PS was introduced back in 1996 which replaced the earlier DOHC engine in just a few export markets. Although a number of models were still using a part-time four-wheel-drive system, the vehicle had to be stooped to engage and disengage the front axle.


This was extremely unfortunate that Acura did not continue the production of SLX and announced its discontinuation soon and this was because SLX got sold very slowly in the automobile market. Although Honda used its finest engines in the production of this vehicle it could not compete with other vehicles in the market at that time. The front of Acura SLX was restyled and redesigned in the 1998 model year but even then, the sale did not get better and was ultimately discontinued after 1999. 

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Popular Acura SLX engines:

Acura SLX is one of the vehicles which had a number of other names as well. Japan sold it with the name of Chevrolet Trooper, Subaru Bighorn, SsangYong Korando Family, Honda Horizon, Opel Monterey, Vauxhall Monterey, Holden Jackaroo, and Holden Monterrey in the international market. Although SLX had the finest engines Honda had to discontinue its production in 1999. A few of the Acura SLX engines are given below:

1996 Acura SLX engine:

Engine Type3.2-liter, 24-valve, SOHC, 75* V-6
Horsepower190 hp @ 5600 rpm
Torque188 lbs-ft @ 4000 rpm
Redline6250 rpm
Engine Bore3.68 in. x 3.03 in
Piston Stroke93.4 mm x 77 mm
Displacement193 cu. in. (3165 cc)
Compression Ratio9.3:1
1996 Acura SLX engine:

1998 Acura SLX engine:

Engine Type3.5-liter, 24-valve, DOHC, 75 degrees V-6
Horsepower215 hp @ 5400 rpm
Torque230 lbs-ft @ 3000 rpm
Redline6250 rpm
Engine Bore3.68 in. x 3.35 in
Piston Stroke93.4 mm x 85 mm
Displacement213 cu in (3494 cc)
Compression Ratio9.1:1
1998 Acura SLX engine:

Frequently asked questions About Used Acura SLX engines:

People who love driving Acura SLX which is a sports coupe, generally ask the following questions when they want to change the engines of their vehicles:

Are Acura used SLX engines really reliable?

Acura used SLX engines scored 4 out of 5 reliability score, which shows that SLX engines are reliable and durable.

How much do I need to spend on buying a used Acura SLX engine?

It totally depends on the year and model of your required engine. Generally, it costs you somewhere between $300 to $2500.

From where can I buy an Acura SLX used engine?

Just search the inventory of jiffy auto parts to purchase an Acura SLX used engine.

 Will the used Acura SLX engine be equipped with all its parts?

It depends on the specific engine of Acura SLX you are going to buy.

Do all Used Acura SLX engines come with a warranty?

It depends on the dealer you are buying from. Generally, the dealer sells used Acura SLX engines with a warranty.

Do you offer any changes in the used Acura SLX engine?

It totally depends on the model, year as well as the condition of the used Acura SLX engine you are going to purchase.

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