Acura CSX was Acura’s executive car which was manufactured to target the Canadian market and CSX was the very first model of Acura which had two predecessors, including Integra Sedan and EL. EL is available in Canada and its production unit of it is in Alliston, Ontario. ILX was introduced in the market as the replacement of CSX back in 2013 and it is available in both Canada and United States. Acura CSX has used a few of the finest engines in its models. Because Acura is a luxury division of Honda, so, it was natural that the highest quality engines that Honda manufactured were used in CSX models. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to change the engine of your vehicle, make sure you select a used CSX engine because used engines come with a lot of advantages. They are more reliable as compared to new ones because Used Acura CSX Engines are already tested and inspected on the roads.  

Used Acura CSX Engines
Used Acura CSX Engines
Used Acura Engines For Sale In USA
Used Acura Engines

History of Acura CSX:

CSX was brought into the market in 2005 as a 2006 model, however, CSX was established in three trims: base model, premium, and premium+ Navi. The base model of Acura CSX had 16-inch alloy wheels, side, and curtain airbags, anti-lock brakes, automatic climate control, cruise control, chrome door handles, and paddle shifters but the main feature which was added in the premium model was high-intensity discharge headlights, front heated seats, moonroofs, and 6-disc CD changer. However, the Navi model was just an up-gradation of premium trim, and a bilingual voice-activated navigation system was added to this model.


Acura was the best-selling vehicle in the Canadian lineup from 2006 to 2009 but the discontinuation of Acura CSX was announced by Honda right after the 2011 model year. However, Acura CSX was declared the fourth Acura that sold only one model generation.

Used Acura CSX engines:

Having a maintained vehicle is getting more and more expensive with the passage of time but apart from all this fuel, high freeway cost duty and even insurance charges are jumping higher and higher. You will even find a few places that people need to sign a parking agreement before buying a vehicle. Which is definitely so expensive. Buying a used Acura CSX engine has become the first choice especially in recent years. Important thing is that purchasing an Acura CSX used engine won’t cost you as much as a new engine will. Used engines are already tested on roads.

Benefits of purchasing Acura CSX used engines from Jiffy auto parts:

It is not difficult to purchase an Acura-used CSX engine but finding the right engine which fits properly in your car at the right price is a challenge. You do not need to visit any garage or breaker yards to look for a used Volvo engine. We Jiffy auto parts are here to assist and guide you because Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and for that, we have a team of auto specialists and analysts who will take care of all your requirements and will educate you (our customers) about all the available options of used Volvo engines which you are planning to purchase. You need to pay attention to small details, technical specifications, and other elements.

Normally, buyers ignore all the essential factors because they are small. Be a smart shopper and assess all the features thoroughly of the engine you are going to buy. However, we only need the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your automobile. Once we are given the required information, our advisers will get in touch with you in no time with details of all the available options and price catalogs. Long years of experience and unmatchable knowledge about auto parts make Jiffy auto parts different from every other dealer. 

Popular Acura CSX engines:

The engine is the basic as well as the main part of any automobile and there is no doubt that Acura has introduced a few of the most powerful and strong engines in CSX models over the years. Few of the engines which were used in CSX models are given below:

Acura CSX 2006 engine:

Engine16 valves, 4 cylinders, 2.0 liter
Horsepower155 hp @6000 rpm
Torque139 ib-ft @4500 rpm
Fuel tank capacity50 Liters
Fuel TypeGasoline
Acura CSX 2006 engine:

Acura CSX 2007 engine:

Engine Gas l4
Horsepower155 hp @6000 rpm
Torque 139 ib-ft @4500 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 50 liters
Fuel Type Gasoline
Acura CSX 2007 engine:

Acura CSX 2008 engine:

Engine 2.0L L4 DOHC 16-valve
Displacement 1998 cm3 / 122.4 cui
Horsepower 147 hp @7800 rpm
Torque 139 ib-ft @6200 rpm
Fuel Type Gasoline
Acura CSX 2008 engine:

Acura CSX 2011 engine:

Engine 2,0 l I-4
Displacement 50 Liter
Horsepower 155 hp @6000 rpm
Torque 139 ib-ft @4500 rpm
Fuel Type Regular
Acura CSX 2011 engine:

Frequently asked questions:

Drivers who love driving their Acura CSX normally ask a few of the following questions if they are in a situation to replace the engines of their vehicles.

Are Acura used CSX engines really reliable?

Acura used CSX engines scored 3.5 out of 5 reliability score, which shows that CSX engines are reliable and durable.

How much Acura used CSX engine cost?

It naturally depends on the year and model but generally, it tends to cost you somewhere between $300 to $2,000.

From where I can buy used Acura CSX engines?

Go through our website to look and buy a used Acura CSX engine. Make sure you know the details of the engine you are looking for.

Will the used Acura CSX engine be equipped with all its parts?

It depends on the specific engine of Acura CSX you are going to buy.

Do all Used Acura CSX engines come with a warranty?

It depends on the dealer you are buying from. Generally, the dealer sells used Acura CSX engines with a warranty.

Do you offer any changes in the used Acura CSX engine?

It totally depends on the model, year as well as condition of the used Acura CSX engine you are going to purchase.

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